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Our mind writes the story of our life. We experience life through the lens of our mind. To live a life we desire to, to achieve what we aspire to, to be better each day we need to keep enriching our minds.

However, by the time we start living as adults, we gradually push our mind onto a treadmill, cluttering it with the same patterns, same thoughts, same solutions and, a cycle of negativity. Our mind starts writing mundane stories often stuck with regrets, guilt, unhappiness and confusion.

If you have taken the first step - A step to ‘allow’ your mind to wander and explore better ways, MindPeace will be your most trusted guide. We provide a safe and non-judgemental space for your mind to explore new ways to be a better 'You' every day.

Explore a better 'YOU' in your life story

Mindfull Of Stories

Share and publish the story that’s ruling your life - the turns and twist, highs, and lows. Unleash the power of your story and inspire others with lessons learned.

Selected stories will be examined by our expert team of psychologists and we will share a few interesting insights about you.

Mind Buddy

Connect with a Buddy to take things off your chest and get some brief relief.

Non-Judgemental and empathetic, our team of Mind-Buddies are handpicked individuals filled with compassion who have volunteered to help you when you need someone to just be there!

Mind Experts

Let an expert come into your inner circle and gradually guide your mind to find ways to venture out of your shell. We have a team of experts from various specialties like counselling, therapy, coaching.

Find the best experts who will help you find better ways to be a better you.

Mind Labs

Explore various mind enriching practices, letting your mind learn new ways to cope, through our curated workshops and events.

Our programs are customized and designed to cater individuals, groups, and organizations in both online and offline mediums.

Mind Tests

Self Assessing and Measuring Emotional Wellness is the toughest challenge we all face. How much is too much?

We bring you a collection of globally accepted psychometric tests from various schools of practice to help you be objectively self-aware. They are not diagnostic in nature.

Mindful Gifts

Thoughtful gifts, when words are not enough. Our gifts are strictly not curated for special occasions but for special ones, to help them sail through dark, gloomy days.

Bring a smile back, show your support and be there. We’re sure there’s something meaningful here for everyone.

Meet Our Mind Experts To Help You

Myna Bisineer
Certified Expressive Art Therapist, Entrepreneur, Corporate Trainer
Maullika Sharma
Counsellor - Adult and Adolescent
Subha C
ICF Certified Leadership Coach, Career Counsellor

Upcoming Workshops & Events

team building, art therapy

Finding my part in the sum
Finding my parts

team building, bonding

Discovering my mind space
Discovering my mind space

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Install the “Calm down” key in your mind circuit for free

Meditation has power to ‘rewire’ your brain with your own thoughts to create a new, stronger circuit that keeps your emotional reactivity under control. Meditators are able to control their thoughts and emotions with greater ease than non-mediators.

Sarmistha M


Is anxiety the next pandemic - Part 2 - Tools to cope

Our thoughts are evolving experience, all we can do is keep exploring new ways to find resilience and strength. Each of us will find one way more effective that other. As long as we are connected to our feelings and open to experiment, we can overcome all Pandamics and transition to a better version of ourselves.

Rachna Shukla


Finding an ‘Expert’ for my ‘Mind’

Here's a simple guide you can use to help you make your way through this maze

Sarmistha M


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The 365 Days : The Intangible Effort Of A Mother In Law

Mother-in-law and Daughter-in law relationship is the most one to manage. Here is an interesting perspective from a young daughter-in-law who is learner to accept and manage step by step the complex yet sensitive relationship.

a year ago


Quitting My Spiritual Camp

He entered the domestic life, to find a companion in his journey towards this greater service, not to fall out of it midway. I on the other hand had even become more agnostic to the whole cult and its rituals which I use to meticulously follow every day for so many years. I started becoming more worried and scared for my child, I don't want anyone to brainwash her from childhood. Things started to fall apart faster than I thought.

a year ago


The day I started training my mind

Two things that go well everyday

a year ago


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An Exciting Platform For Mind Experts

Collaborate with us to leverage and spread your knowledge and practice to a wider audience

Partner as a Mind Expert: 
  • Mind Experts like Counsellors, Therapists, Career Coaches, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and others in the field  
  • Collaborate for Mind Labs - Curated, Customised Online and Offline Workshops/Events/Webinars
  • Publish and Promote your expertise through our videos and articles  

Are you an empathetic listener? Be a Mindful Buddy*

At times all one needs is to be heard and take things off their chest to feel better. Bring back the smile on someone's face. Join our buddy program from anywhere in India. Your valued ‘Gift of Time’ will make a world of difference to someone. 

* All Buddies have to undergo the Background Verification Process 
*A Buddy do not have any qualification requirement 
* Terms and Conditions as Applicable